My Vinyl Collection: H (aka PJ Harvey and Honey Bane) Part 1

Welcome to section H of my vinyl collection, an informal trip through my collection with quick photos and descriptions. For each vinyl there will be a little write up, it might be about the packaging, the music, where I got the record etc... enjoy!

Also, the format might change a bit from now on as I have access to a much better camera, a Canon 550D, and a couple of lenses. The pictures for sections G and H were taken at the same time with a 50mm lens from a fixed viewpoint... but like I say, I might change up the format in the future. Any suggestions are very welcome.

This section is made up almost exclusively by PJ Harvey releases that I have bought for my girlfriend over the years. So technically these aren't really 'mine'...

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PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig (1992)

PJ Harvey's second single here on 12", the sleeve isn't in the best condition but the record itself sounds great. I love the sound of her first album Dry and this single includes three tracks from that album, Sheela-Na-Gig, Hair and Joe, the B-Sides being demo versions with a nice stripped back feel to them. A great single only slightly marred by the somewhat confusing and inappropriate cover art that I've never been a fan of.

I got this pretty recently and for a steal of a price, the price makes me worry that it isn't official but it's nice to own in one form or another. I have no idea why Island haven't reissued some of PJ Harvey's vinyl as they sell out very quickly and then become ridiculously expensive and sought after. If we had an official reissue it would put an end to all these sub-par bootlegs. I have never been a fan of this album personally, I just never liked this direction.

PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her (2004)

One of the first records I ever bought, I got it for my girlfriend for our first Christmas together. I got it in Newcastle for just under £20 but it now goes for a fair amount higher. I like this album but there was a sense that it was a full stop on a particular style that she had been developing over the years, although it has some great tracks on it when you listen back you can feel the yearning for something new and different in these tracks.

PJ Harvey - White Chalk (2007)

A complete and perhaps much needed change to song writing and tone for PJ Harvey emerged with 2007's White Chalk. Led by her fairly naive piano playing the tracks have a thin icy and intense feel to them which took me and many others by surprise. I love the artwork and printing of this album. All of high quality and work great with the feel of the album. Whilst not exactly a perfect album a lot of praise must be given to it for its ambition and unique sound. This album sounds particularly good on vinyl, I hear that there is a white vinyl version but sadly I haven't come across a copy myself or seen any actually photos of it.

PJ Harvey  When Under Ether (2007)

Over time I have accumulated all the 7" singles to go alongside the White Chalk album. When Under Ether was the first single but was the last for me to lay hands on. The cover is slightly damaged but the vinyl itself is in great condition. I really like the artwork for the album and its accompanying singles, the artwork for the singles is great to have alongside the album and are made with the same quality card and slightly dusted printing. The single includes a recording from 1988 of one PJ Harvey's first ever songs Wait, it makes sense to include this alongside the White Chalk album with its feeling of broaching new ground, from beginning again from ground zero.

PJ Harvey - The Piano (2007)

Like When Under Ether this single includes a very early recording by PJ Harvey as a B-Side, here we have Heaven which is a rather sweet jangly pop song with production that really brings to mind some of the artists that were on 4AD around the same time (the late 80's). 'If heaven is a place on earth, then I must be on the moon'

PJ Harvey - The Devil (2008)

The last single to come off the back of White Chalk, The Devil bucks the trend of having a recording from 1988 as the B-Side, instead here we have an unreleased track that was recorded in 1998. Liverpool Tide was recorded around the same time as Is This Desire? and features that unique guitar tone that made some of her early releases so distinctive. It's a shame this was never given an album release but it's good to hear it here.

Posted: 25th October 2013

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