My Vinyl Collection: H (aka PJ Harvey and Honey Bane) Part 2

Welcome to section H of my vinyl collection, an informal trip through my collection with quick photos and descriptions. For each vinyl there will be a little write up, it might be about the packaging, the music, where I got the record etc... enjoy!

Also, the format might change a bit from now on as I have access to a much better camera, a Canon 550D, and a couple of lenses. The pictures for sections G and H were taken at the same time with a 50mm lens from a fixed viewpoint... but like I say, I might change up the format in the future. Any suggestions are very welcome.

This section is made up almost exclusively by PJ Harvey releases that I have bought for my girlfriend over the years. So technically these aren't really 'mine'...

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PJ Harvey - Maniac - B-Sides 1991-1995 (2008?)

These blatantly unofficial compilations bring together all PJ Harvey's B-Sides and spread them across three separate records. They go from 1991's Dress single up to 2008's The Devil. The quality of the records is okay but it is obvious that these were rushed through as design wise these records are all over the place. Firstly all three records feature the exact same labelling (seen above) so it is very easy to get them mixed up, and generally the design is messy and rushed. The songs themselves are interesting as they contain a mixture of demo versions, old unreleased tracks from 1988 and tracks that simply didn't make it on to any albums. Not essential records but perhaps worth having whilst still collecting all the official singles!

PJ Harvey - Harder - B-Sides 1995-2001 (2008?)

[see above for description of these three records]

PJ Harvey - The Falling - B-Sides 2001-2008 (2008?)

[see above for description of these three records]

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (2011)

Possibly my favourite album by PJ Harvey, there is a maturity to the songs and a seriousness of the subjects that appeals to me. Like almost all her previous albums it has a strong theme that is drawn upon throughout the album, England being the theme here, its history and its culture. In a way the album takes off almost directly from White Chalk, she sings in a similar register to that album but the instrumentation is a lot fuller and more varied in terms of emotions. The pressing of the vinyl and the printing of the sleeves are all of a really high quality, I kind of wish there was a download code included but never mind. This album makes me curious as to where she'll go next.

PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder (2011)

The first of the two singles that were released to coincide with Let England Shake, both of which were only released digitally and on 7" (who buys CD singles these days!?). I was surprised to find that this 7" includes a printed inner sleeve very similar to the album itself. It's rare to find a 7" with an inner sleeve and I personally really like them. The single features photography by Seamus Murphy who also worked on videos for all the songs on the album. The B-Side is a track called The Guns Called Me Back Again which although features some really nice backing vocals feels perhaps too similar in tone to the tracks that actually made it on to the album, it makes sense why this wasn't included but it's nice to hear it.

PJ Harvey - The Glorious Land (2011)

The second and final single to come on the back of Let England Shake, The Glorious Land was released on 7" and digital download only. It features a really nice inner sleeve with lyrics and an outer with artwork by Seamus Murphy. It includes the B-Side The Nightingale which is a great song. It would have worked nicely within the album but perhaps would have disrupted the balance that the album had. It has a slightly different feel to it when compared to the album's tracks even though it too features the distinctive autoharp and horn sections that are so dominant throughout Let England Shake.

Honey Bane - You Can Be You (1979)

Honey Bane started her musical career with this single on Crass Records, with members of Crass playing as the 'Kebabs' to her 'Donna'. She would go on to release a handful of singles (including a few for EMI) throughout the early 1980s but never release a full length album. This single was released when Donna was only 15 years old which is insane when you think about it, here she is playing in this angry punk band! It could be suggested that singles like this lead to Crass' all female fronted and highly feminist 1981 album Penis Envy. The condition of this single - as with many Crass Records releases - hasn't really stood the test of time, it's rare to come across a near mint condition Crass record sadly. I kind of like this single but I feel like something is a little missing every time I hear it.

Posted: 25th October 2013

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