REVIEW: Holy Motors

The safety of limousines, the beauty of the act and cinematic explorations in 
Leos Carax's brave return to feature filmmaking in over 10 years.

Obsession #2: Game Boy / Game Boy Color games

Oh god, this is a dangerous little obsession I've got here, very addictive! Admittedly this is a fairly recent obsession and my collection isn't half as extensive or exhaustive as many other gamer's collections will undoubtedly be... but this post is not about quantity, it is about a love of mine and sharing that love with whoever stumbles across this blog...

Below I will go into a little history of Game Boy, why I'm interested in Game Boy games in particular as well as detailing my personal favourite games for the system. There are believed to be over 800 (!) games for this system and so my small collection of 50 or so games only scratches the surface but hopefully you'll enjoy this little write up and perhaps it'll give you an itch to play Tetris again!

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