Scott Walker - Bish Bosch CD Unboxing / Packaging Review

I somehow managed to get my hands on a copy of Scott Walker's new album Bish Bosch a week in advance... and I couldn't help myself, I had to share an overview of the packaging! Expect a review in the coming days. An expansive, belching, puking trip through hell on earth.


Scott Walker - Bish Bosch Teaser Trailer

An amazing teaser trailer for the new Scott Walker album Bish Bosch (to be released December 3rd) has been posted on 4AD's YouTube channel. The video features footage from within the studio and a track-by-track preview of the album.

The sound of the album is distinctly different to Scott Walker's 2006 album The Drift, it retains the tension of that release but the absence of an orchestra is pronounced and utilized to create an eerie silence in which sounds emerge from. It kind of reminds me of Tilt filtered through The Drift, it feels timeless like The Drift yet features a similar set of instruments and a few sounds here and there that bring back memories of Tilt, especially the track Corps De Blah. I'm really liking the sound of Dimple and Phrasing and can't wait to hear the album in full, only 2 months to go!

[video below]


Best PlayStation intro videos

The original PlayStation marked a shift in the quality of opening cinematics in gaming, due in most part to the space that the CD allowed for - a format that it could be argued Sony popularised with the PlayStation. When booting up a PlayStation game you often find elaborate opening songs and visuals that have become as iconic as the games themselves.

Never had we been treated to such interesting opening sequences before, they were a testament to the hardware as well as a showcase for the technical skill of the artists working on them, they are little technical marvels that as a kid seemed futuristic and magical. It's worth noting that this was in a pre-internet age so to speak, it wasn't as easy to seek out gameplay videos or user reviews, instead you had word of mouth, magazines and demo discs to sell the game to you. Demo discs would come with a handful of games you could play but also a handful of videos, videos that as a kid I'd watch over and over again. Here I've collected some opening videos that still get to me and bring back many memories.

REVIEW: Holy Motors

The safety of limousines, the beauty of the act and cinematic explorations in 
Leos Carax's brave return to feature filmmaking in over 10 years.

Obsession #2: Game Boy / Game Boy Color games

Oh god, this is a dangerous little obsession I've got here, very addictive! Admittedly this is a fairly recent obsession and my collection isn't half as extensive or exhaustive as many other gamer's collections will undoubtedly be... but this post is not about quantity, it is about a love of mine and sharing that love with whoever stumbles across this blog...

Below I will go into a little history of Game Boy, why I'm interested in Game Boy games in particular as well as detailing my personal favourite games for the system. There are believed to be over 800 (!) games for this system and so my small collection of 50 or so games only scratches the surface but hopefully you'll enjoy this little write up and perhaps it'll give you an itch to play Tetris again!

How to replace a Game Boy Color screen cover

I recently picked up this old school Game Boy Color for £5, total bargain, it is in good condition aside from the screen being a bit scuffed and one pretty noticeable scratch and some dirt on the inside of the console casing. I will take apart this Game Boy Color to clean the inside at a later date but for now I have decided to replace the screen cover with a new one and document it as guidance for others.

Obsession #1: Coloured & Picture Disc Vinyl

This is the first in a possible ongoing series dealing with particular 'obsessions' I have. These obsessions could be music formats, consoles, bands, directors, genres, eras etc.

I am a bit of a collector, not as crazy as some out there - due mostly to a lack of money - but I do collect a fair bit and have a love for owning things - especially with music, having never bought a digital download - so the first obsession I would like to go into is vinyl, but not vinyl as a whole but in particular coloured or picture disc vinyl.

Vinyl is the ultimate musical object, a musical fetish. For those who are old enough vinyl signals memories, nostalgia, childhood. It also suggests a process of listening that for the most part has gone, the placing of the needle, the crackle showing a well loved record, the cleaning of the vinyl etc. Included are pictures of my collection of coloured and picture disc vinyl.

RoboCop remake teaser video

A new RoboCop is currently in the works and as far as I'm aware this is the first teaser to be released, an OmniCorp advertisement... Somehow I doubt the remake could surpass the amazing original 1987 version by Paul Verhoeven but hey, let's just hope it's at least better than all the awful RoboCop sequels that are out there.

According to the imdb page this remake is currently in the pre-production phase and is to feature Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Laurie!? It will be directed by Brazilian director Jose Padilha who is most famous for 2007's Elite Squad and its 2010 sequel Elite Squad: The Enemy Within.

See below for Elite Squad and original RoboCop trailers...

'Your move creep'

REVIEW: The Walker Brothers - Everything Under The Sun

Format: 5 CD Boxset
Label: Polydor
Year: 2006 (featuring recordings between 1965-1978)

I first got into The Walker Brothers through listening to Scott Walker's incredible solo work and I have to be honest before getting this box set I didn't think there was much to The Walker Brothers as a group and as a separate entity... I was all about Scott! The Walker Brothers just seemed so sugary and almost kitsch... and I guess they still are but I feel now, having listened to all of their tracks (all are included here... literally Everything Under The Sun!) I can put The Walker Brothers into a context and have a better understanding of their relevance in the music industry, within pop culture and also get an understanding of the birth of Scott Walker as a solo artist.

The Drift to be reissued on vinyl

One of my all time favourite albums is to receive a vinyl reissue on July 10th, Scott Walker's 2006 release The Drift... an amazing album that I will post a review of soon. I imagine this is to coincide with a new album that is (hopefully) to be released within the next 12 months on 4AD.

Posted 8th July 2012

Devo Doc. Kickstarter

The Devo Doc Kickstarter has already passed it's $25,000 goal 32 days before backing will end!
Well done to all involved, cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Duty Now!

Posted 6th July 2012
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