Scott Walker 'Epizootics!' video

Video released for 'Epizootics!' taken from forthcoming Bish Bosch album... video below

4AD have just posted a video on their YouTube channel for 'Epizootics!' a track from the new Scott Walker album Bish Bosch. The sound is extremely distinct from that found on The Drift and Tilt, their appears to be more colour and vibrancy in this single track than what could be found on Scott's previous two albums.

The sound of this track brings across images of great darkness smothered and veiled by an overwhelming brightness and questionable jubilance... I'm not sure exactly what is going on but is freighting in a very odd clownish way.

You can tell Scott is doing something outside of his usual (un)comfort zone and it's both awkward and fascinating to witness. It's refreshing to find an artist turning 70 creating something so daring, surprising and unlike anything they've done before and it has made me very curious to hear the album in the full and hear how this track will fit with the rest of the songs.

 Bish Bosch will be out on December 3rd.


Posted 12th November 2012

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