Scott Walker - Bish Bosch CD Unboxing / Packaging Review

I somehow managed to get my hands on a copy of Scott Walker's new album Bish Bosch a week in advance... and I couldn't help myself, I had to share an overview of the packaging! Expect a review in the coming days. An expansive, belching, puking trip through hell on earth.


The Box

The box that contains it all, it's around the same size as the card box that was used for The Drift. To be honest, the whole package feels like The Drift only with different artwork. The lettering of 'Bish Bosch' has a slight gloss shine to it, not too much but it does look nice and makes it almost look like wet paint. The same splashy paint font is used on the spine of the CD and on the tracklist on the back. The barcode and 4AD legal stuff is moved to the underneath of the box which is nice. Overall this artwork is pretty minimal and perhaps not as engrossing as the artwork for The Drift but it is growing on me and it actually seems to work with the messy/shitty lyric contents of the album!

The Case

As with The Drift the case for Bish Bosch is somewhat hollow and simply functional... basically it holds the CD and doesn't try to do much else. The print doesn't have any of the gloss of the box's print which is a bit of a shame. The barcode etc is on the back and feels particularly jarring after the lovely blank back of the box but never mind! The tray that holds the CD is a shiny jet black and works well with the rest of the artwork. The inside of back inlay is printed black which was definitely a good idea.

The Booklet

Again, as with The Drift, we have a lovely thick tall booklet to go with the album. It contains all the lyrics to the tracks, although this marks the first time the lyrics haven't been printed white on black since Climate of Hunter in 1983. I can't help but feel this was a very concious move by Scott Walker and it matches the tone of the album well. This is a very different album to Tilt and The Drift and the black on white suggests this and works brilliantly.

Posted: 27th November


  1. any chance you could scan the booklet and share as pdf/jpg?

  2. I wouldn't be able to scan them without messing up the spine of the booklet... but I could take close up pictures if you like? Let me know if you'd like this and I'll post them ASAP!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Will post them to you within the next week, It does make a big difference reading the lyrics off the page like you say


  4. thanks so much! i really appreciate it

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