NEWS: Devo - Something ELSE For Everybody now available to pre-order

Exciting news for spuds across the globe today as demo/reject tracks for Devo's 2010 album Something For Everybody have been announced and are on their way! It had been hinted at over the years but honestly, I never thought they'd materialise.

This collection of tracks will apparently only ever be released in digital format. It can be pre-ordered here at in either 320 MP3 or Apple Lossless format for $9.99. The download itself wont be available til 23rd July sadly, but hey, more Devo! That's a monumental good thing!

The track list is as follows...

01 Monsterman
02 On the Inside
03 Shoulda Said Yes
04 Think Fast
05 Raise Your Hands
06 Message of Hope
07 Big Dog
08 Can U Juggle
09 Throw Money at the Problem
10 I Luv Ur Gun
11 Don't Shoot (I'm a Man) [Polysics Remix]

If I remember correctly Monsterman and Throw Money At The Problem were played at Devotional one year, apart from those (and obviously Don't Shoot) I don't recognize the other titles so I'm very curious.

Duty Now

Posted: 25th June 2013


  1. Monsterman has a video on Youtube. My 5 year old son showed it to me! (proud papa) :)

    1. Yeah, just came across it today, can't believe I missed that, I remember seeing the song on their website (and I think SoundCloud) but never saw the video til today. Duty Now!!


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