My Vinyl Collection: C Part 3 of 3

Welcome back! This is C Part 3 of 3 of my vinyl collection, an informal trip through my collection with quick photos and descriptions. I haven't optimised any of the photos using Photoshop as I usually would, the main reason for this is it would be too time consuming as there are a lot of records to get through. For each vinyl there will be a little write up, it might be about the packaging, the music, where I got the record etc... enjoy!... and see below for links to other parts.

Cornelius - Gum / Cue (2007)

Oh how I love Cornelius and oh how I wish he'd bloody make a new album! This single comes from his last album Sensuous (2006) and features a short rocky track in the form of 'Gum'... far from the best song on the album but whatever! The B-Side is a great YMO cover called 'Cue'... I think I prefer this version to the original, would love to here him take on another YMO track. The importance of YMO to Cornelius can't be understated - Keigo even tour even tours with them - so perhaps another cover may appear some time in the future.

Courtis / Moore - Brokebox Juke (2009)

Got this collaborative album by Anla Coutis (of Reynolds etc) and Aaron Moore (of Volcano The Bear etc) for Christmas 2009, it is limited to 500 copes and is on the Newcastle label, NO-FI. I don't think they really made the most of the packaging, the artwork could have been much better and could have filled the gatefold better. I do like the black inner sleeve though! The label is, again, a little on the bland side. Sadly the NO-FI doesn't seem to be as active as it once was, hopefully it'll pick up again soon. The music on this album is a nice relaxed mixture of different instruments gently blending into each other, it kind of reminds me of Krautrock in places. I like the attitude of this album, there isn't any pretense or showmanship, just good honest experimentation.

Crass - Stations of the Crass (1979)

Haven't listened to this one much yet. It's in alright condition although it doesn't come with the original amazing packaging as it should, probably as it was made out of newspaper or something! I really like Crass, they're probably one of the only bands in this side of punk that I like. Side 4 is a live set and the rest is the album. I think this was their second album. Each of the four sides has an etched in note on  the run-out inc 'Fight War Not Wars' and 'Make Love Not War'.

Crass - Penis Envy (1981)

A full female fronted Crass album that deals with issues of gender head on. This album has so much bite and energy, it's pretty infectious but venomous too! There's a good deal or humour in the music and lyrics too which stop the album from being too dry. A great Crass album. Again, this one doesn't have the original sleeve but I picked it up for £1 and well... the replacement sleeve has it's own D.I.Y. feel to it that I like! Run-out etchings 'in her hands she has seduction - you've heard it all before' and 'in his hands he has destruction - make love not war'.

This vinyl only release of early Current 93 rarities is limited to 231 copies and will most likely zoom up in price in a few years like a lot of Current 93 records. This is part of a four volume set that you can get in an amazing box set that sadly I can't really afford. I got this imported in from Germany and at first I thought I was getting the whole box set for a steal of a price but it didn't turn out that way, never mind! I got my copy signed at a Baby Dee gig at Cafe Oto where David Tibet of Current 93 did a track. He seems really nice and down to earth although it was so loud in the gig that it was hard to really talk... plus I was super nervous around him so I probably made a fool of myself! The writing on the sleeve says 'For David, with love, David Tibet'. I haven't listened to this record much as I'm worried about ruining the quality of the record. One day I'll digitally record a listen through of it and then I can listen to it without worrying so much!

Current 93 - Monohallucinatory Mountain (2010)

This is a mono version of Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain with a slightly different mix and different song titles. The original album is from 2009 and marked a more rock sound to Current 93 which I find pretty interesting. It has a really good feel to it although I still prefer some of the more folk-oriented albums like Black Ships Ate The Sky (2006). This vinyl version is limited to 500 copies, each signed by David Tibet with hist white pen. I like the artwork of this release, it's part of a series of works by Tibet which are created through repeatedly writing mantras. I saw an exhibition of some of his artwork at Isis gallery a few years back which had some of the first of these 'prays'. There are 41 test print versions of this vinyl too, each of these contain an actual unique Tibet artwork, not simply a print but a physical drawing.

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Posted 15th October 2012

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