My Vinyl Collection: Intro & A

I've been wanting to do something like this for a little while now and seeing as a YouTuber by the name of The Needle Drop has been doing something similar recently I felt inspired to do a tour of my own vinyl collection, although as I'm not much of a 'talk in front of a camera' kind of guy I've decided to share my collection via my blog. Obviously no collection is ever perfect but I was surprised that Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) didn't own certain items, our collections are very different to say the least, but hopefully you'll enjoy my tour through all my lovely vinyl.

I want the format of these posts to be very informal, I will give a little history of the release, how I came to get the vinyl in question or little thoughts on the packaging design, but it wont be super extensive. There will be a few quick photos taken also although I'm not going to optimize each photo in Photoshop like I normally would as it'd just take forever... I'll try and get these out quickly but obviously some sections will take longer than others (such as D... what band begins with D?). Thankfully my first post, A, is only a short one so here goes!

Two great 12" EPs from Richard D James' Analord series of 2005. There were 10 Analord vinyl in total, released between January and June 2005, all classic Analogue tracks. Some of these tracks stand out more than others but I just really like the atmosphere of these tracks and the loose improvised feel they have. Not much to say about the packaging mind, very minimal but nice, it's all about the music. God I need to get the rest of them some time, I've heard them all but these are the only two I own sadly.

Antye Greie-Fuchs' first solo album released in 2002 set a trajectory she still follows now. I really like this album, it has a strange mix of emotions, its hushed vocals speaking computer code and her interest in language and miscommunication and error come through strong. One of the only 'Glitch' albums I own on vinyl and probably one of my favourite AGF albums. The sleeve feels really nice, it has an odd softness to it!

Animal Collective - Feels

I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Animal Collective, but I do enjoy this album from time to time. This is one of the first vinyl I bought, I bought it on a whim not knowing what they sounded like, I had heard Leaf House but that's it. At the time I didn't own a proper Hi-Fi system or amplifier so I used to hook my record player up to the TV through phono! I didn't get much sound out of it and couldn't change the treble or bass so it wasn't till a few years later that I finally got to listen to the album properly!... it was only then I realised my side D was defected and had a very very loud crackle all the way through, sad times. The gatefold design for this one is great and the artwork looks great being spread across the large surface of a record cover.

Antipop Consortium / Kaos / Pulsinger - Fear

I got this often forgotten 12" single for 75p about a year ago, I love Antipop so I was curious about this collaborative single and couldn't say no to the price. It's an okay independant hip hop track but doesn't really shine like some Antipop Consortium tracks. Worth owning if you're a fan of this kind of thing though, fairly relaxed set of tracks and a drum solo track.

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Probably Richard D James' second most known track after Come To Daddy, I think this was his take on R&B or something, I guess it has a similar vibe. I love this track, and the two B sides are good too, the first is pretty abstract and abrasive and the second is probably Aphex Twin's softest track with its music box quality. A classic 12" with amazing artwork from the equally (or even more so) classic video directed by Chris Cunningham. A record cover to scare the mums with.

Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly / Blueberry Hill

This is a nice little 7" that me and my girlfirend picked up on a market stall along with a Charlie Chaplin single. It's pretty beaten up and crackles a hell of a lot but it's still a nice single, Blueberry Hill is a classic. One of the only Jukebox style wider holed records I own.

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Posted 02 October 2012

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